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Project Sector: Education & Non-Profit

Services Provided

  • General construction services for the non-profit, LiveOnNY, after they outgrew their space in Manhattan and relocated to LIC.

  • They added sterilization and cleaning equipment to their space, which they never had before.

Project Highlights

  • (4) clean rooms, ante-scrub room, preservation workroom, sterile ice room, sterilization room, and decon room had to be tested to ISO 7, Class 10,000 standards
  • Rooms required specific pressure monitoring controls as well as air quality controls so that the users performing organ testing knew the environment is clean and properly pressured at all times
  • The clean rooms needed to be clean and sterile with special lighting. These operating room lights were required to be coordinated to perform tests on the organs that were being donated for other patients
  • In the decon and sterilization rooms, we had to prepare and install the following equipment: deverse osmosis/de-Ionized water purification and storage system, sterilizer/ autoclave, glass washer, and an acid neutralization system. These are an integral part of the day-to-day operations taking place on the organs to be used for other patients and saving lives
  • The sterilization room and equipment required clean/dry compressed air, as well as chilled water to cool the equipment and water down prior to ejection into the waste system. This involved a great deal of coordination of multiple utilities in a tight plenum to give the space the maximum ceiling heights
  • In the office space, the conference/board rooms had state of the art audio/video systems to accommodate Board of Trustee meetings where board members could video conference and not miss being there physically, yet feel as if they were physically there. All the offices had strict sound requirements for patient/donor confidentiality
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